Re-connect sales and marketing,
at where deals are closed.

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Product Innovation
Enterprise UX
Contextual Design

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted confidential information and have added fictional content for presentation purposes.



I joined confidential company as a core member in an innovation team, co-led user research, led product design, and delivered product concepts in a six-month period. In August, 2017, two products based on our suggestions were launched.

This case study summarized my learning from research, to insights, to idea generation and to concept execution.

All thoughts and learnings are my own.


Jan, 2017 - Jun, 2017


Product researcher,
Design lead,
Product manager,
Project Manager


Competitor Analysis,
Contextual Inquiry,
Product Concept Development,
Design System Design,
Interface Design

One Team, Six months

A Sales-Marketing Problem

We found there has been a break-up between sales reps and marketers


Multiple Solutions

4 months later, we came up with product concepts targeting at solving this complex problem.

1. Version Control System for Content Creators

One version at a time.
No more confusion for sales reps.
No more request for marketers.

See research evidence

2. All conversations in one place

Transparant sales progress, accessible to all.
More trust, less wonder.

See research evidence

3. Right measruement for better performance

A tool that's used by the whole team.
Invest for real impact.

See research evidence

The Process

We customized Holtzblatt and Beyer’s rapid contextual design methodology to fit in our schedule.


The Artifacts

1.0 Immersion Artifacts

We conducted a 2-month, in-depth user interviews with 18 sales reps, marketers and and other key constituents from startups and global organizations.

1. Discovery Research

Desktop Research

We started with desktop research to explore and to priorize existing problems in sales-marketing collaboration.

2. Product Strategy

Contextual Inquiry

Product strategy. We validated our findings and ranked the severity of the problems, and provide three ideas for 3 types of innovation.

3. JTBD Framework


I designed and conducted a survey with 100 college students from the United States. I received feedback from 75 .

2.0 Consolidation

As insight translators, we spoke for interviewees, turned raw research data into understandable key insights. We then invited the whole company in innovative activities.

Key Assumptions

Marketing content is valued by sales representatives and customers because:

1. Sales reps rely on marketing content to learn new product information.
2. Sales reps use marketing content as visual assistant in a sales call.
3. Customers understand products through marketing materials.
4. Marketers improve the content through customers’ feedback.

Strikingly Discovery

Almost all key hypotheses were proved invalid. Here's what we found:

1. Sales reps tend to focus on conversation with the clients, not the content materials in a sales call.
2. Sales enablement solutions seem to be more valuable to marketers and sales managers (metrics).
3. Sales reps do not perceive the value of good marketing content.
4. Customers are not involved in providing feedback on contents.
5. Marketing materials are not evaluated effectively.


There is a huge misalignment in the role of marketing content in closing deals between sales reps and marketers. This misalignment is wasting company’s money and time.

3.0 Visioning

Three highly-appraised core product concepts.

3.1 Version Control System

Redefine marketing content as an omni-information carrier that keeps all traces of a sales conversation and makes selling a team effort.

Marketing Content Update Logic:


3.2 Conversational Platform

Redefine marketing content as an omni-information carrier that keeps all traces of a sales conversation and makes selling a team effort.

Product Dynamic:


Design Solutions

4.0 Design System

I used Atomic Design method when designing a brand-new product design system. Take a look.

Building a design system from scratch


Design Spec Example


Final deliverables


I designed the interface to demonstrate the product concept.

Example Interface